Free Sportscap is 100% free for everyone 18 years and older, anywhere, at any time, and anyone can use it to pick their favorite sports and sports teams to get in the game with a chance to win real money!

There is no Credit Card ever needed and it only takes a few seconds a day for a chance to win thousands!

Free Sportscap's system uses the marketing money the site generates and gives it back to the winner(s) who pick the correct outcomes of professional and college sports offered by Free Sportscap, therefore it is free for everyone, forever, and the more people that play, the higher the pot grows!


Once you sign up, you get one play (token) per day. With your one play, you get to choose from one of the sports provided on the Free Sportscap homepage.

For Example: Sports offered are; NHL, NFL and NBA. You will get to select one of the sports categories and select the outcome of the games provided for that category. There are 12 games per ticket and you must choose one selection for each game.

If you get 4 of 12 correct or more, you will receive another token for the following day allowing you to play two sport categories or two tickets of the same sport and so on for the entire week.

NOTE: Your tokens reset back to ONE (1) every morning at 2:30AM CDT. So use them or lose them.

You will be notified if you get 4 of 12 correct or more by email and your Token Balance will go up on the website.

By getting 4 of 12 correct or more, you can increase your chances of winning!

Other ways to improve your odds:

If you run out of Tokens and want to still play, then simply tell a friend to join! You and your friend will receive 2 Tokens each to play with upon their account activation. This is unlimited so improve your odds and tell your friends whenever you want! Hit the "MORE TOKENS" button to add a friend and receive more tokens!

10 of 12 win $25.00 USD

11 of 12 win $100.00 USD

12 of 12 win the pot for that weekly ticket (pot is split if there is multiple winners)

10 of 12 win $50.00 USD

11 of 12 win $100.00 USD

12 of 12 win $5,000 USD (pot is split if there is multiple winners)

10 of 12 win $25.00 USD

11 of 12 win $100.00 USD

12 of 12 win $2,500 USD (pot is split if there is multiple winners)

10 of 12 win $50.00 USD

11 of 12 win $200.00 USD

12 of 12 win $5,000 USD (pot is split if there is multiple winners)

NCAA Tickets are displayed during the season and ticket values are displayed on the tickets.

More Professional Sports Coming Soon!

On the main page you must pick V – VISTOR, T – TIE, or H – HOME. (V T H). The visitor is playing at the home team’s venue.

You must Pick all 12 games provided and not leave any selections out.

If you do not have time to make your selections -- hit "QUICK PICK" and "Submit"

For NFL/NCAA FB - A win is by 4 or more points. A TIE is a 3 point spread. For Example: 30 – 27 is the final score in the New York Giants @ Dallas Cowboys game. If you selected a TIE then you would be correct! If the score had been 31 - 27 then this would be a victory for the VISITING team.

For NBA/NCAA BB – The same rules apply for NBA as for NFL however in NBA a win is by 6 points and a TIE is a 5 point spread. For Example: Cleveland @ Golden State final score is 100 – 105. This would be a TIE game and if selected a TIE, you would be correct. If the final score is 100 – 106 then this is a win for the home team and if you selected HOME you would be correct.

For NHL – A win is by ONE goal. A TIE is if the game's score is tied at the end of 60 minutes.

For MLB – A win is by 2 points and a TIE is a one point spread. For Example: if the score in the Toronto Blue Jays @ New York Yankees game is 1 - 3 then this is a win for the HOME team. If the score is 1 – 2 then the result is a TIE.

For Football (Soccer) – A win is by ONE point and a TIE is a TIE.

NOTE: If a game is cancelled or postponed or improperly posted on Free Sportscap, it will be taken off the ticket and ALL 3 selections become correct. However, you cannot win the Grand Prize for the day if you get 12 of 12 with a Cancelled or Postponed game.

NOTE: Free Sportscap will offer game days without the TIE option on some game days.

Here we advertise to the world and pay the winner(s) with the money generated from our advertisements. The more tickets that are played worldwide, the higher the progressive prize becomes.

Pick Visitor or Home in each game on the game card.

The person(s) with the most correct, win!

For example: If you get 11 of 12 correct and so do 5 other people for that card, then 6 people would split the pot - you and the 5 other winners that got 11 of 12.