FSC is a FREE website. You will never be asked to deposit any money or provide a Credit Card. FSC is an online contest offered to the world. You can play from any country and 18 years and older. FSC is NOT gambling! FSC uses the money generated by its marketing to pay its winners and takes a commission to operate it.

FSC has 2 prizes:

1st - The Progressive

- Starts at $100.00 per sport offered and goes up as people play tickets until the games start on that card. The final amount will be displayed and then given away to whoever get the most correct.

2nd - Pick 12

- Pick V, T, H in the 12 games provided. If you get 12 of 12 you win the corresponding prize on the ticket. Consolation prizes are awarded for 10 and 11 out of 12.

The Progressive GROWS with incoming traffic to the website and will start to be given away daily once it reaches $1,000 USD. The progressive only goes UP from there so keep your friends informed!

See Rules Section

You have to sign up with your address because FSC needs somewhere to send your winnings to and you are only allowed to have one account per household.

The total amounts displayed on the progressive are predictions as players create tickets. The total number of winners are calculated after all games on the tickets have been played. The actual total of winnings and number of winners are emailed to the winning person(s). All numbers displayed on the webpage are projections.

FSC will be adding more professional sports and NCAA for your enjoyment.